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Fiorini SNC has been engaged in the construction of rotary rakes for agriculture for more than 40 years.

Within the wide selection of machinery manufactured, our range features three types of rotary rakes: the Mod. S/345 combined rake, a single-rotor 8-arm rake with three shot-peened springs per arm; the Mod. S/360 rotary rake, a 9 oil-bath arms unit with three shot-peened springs per arm; and the Mod. S/450 rotary rake, an 11 oil-bath arms unit with four shot-peened springs per arm.

Our production department can make modifications according to each customer’s needs.

The quality of our models allows us to be competitive throughout the country and abroad.

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Mod. S/345 combined rake

Ideal for smaller lots, this model performs left side windrowing. It is suitable for any terrain, thanks to its fully articulated frame and perfect shock absorption.


Mod. S/360 Rotary rake

The S/360 model is ideal for hay harvesting for small and medium-sized lots.


Mod. S/450 rotary rake

Ideal for small to medium-sized plots of land, the S/450 model is the machine that ensures precise raking work, facilitating the subsequent harvesting phase.