fiorini u & g

About us

Specializing in the construction of agricultural machinery for over 40 years, Fiorini U&G company dedicates its experience in the field to the creation of effective and high-performance tools of different types, for individuals, farms or retailers.

In doing so, we follow a series of indispensable principles that allow us to maintain a very high standard of quality, in line with a long Italian tradition. Our key points are product reliability, innovation inherent in the study of product functionality, efficiency in the work performed by our machinery and, finally, a guarantee in both product function and timely and attentive customer service. Our products are intuitive and, for this reason, incredibly easy to use, allowing wide-ranging adjustments that can be implemented with small, quick gestures. It is for all these reasons that we can impose our quality over the national territory, but also and above all outside of it: Fiorini SNC boasts a production of about 80% destined for export beyond the Italian borders.

The models in the range are varied and suitable for different uses, but all of them are born with a number of significant features that combine them. For us, it is essential that a Fiorini tool optimizes its functionality to the maximum, reducing both working time but also the risk of wasting product. All our models gently and precisely work the windrows while preserving the quality of the hay, alfalfa or any other product to be raked thanks to the flexibility of their springs. The quality of our machines makes it possible to obtain soft and aerated windrows, which facilitate the drying of the product. The range of our agricultural machines is wide, and they range from a minimum size of 3.20 m to a maximum extension of 11.20 m: both the requirements of functionality and the extension of the machinery itself are thus fulfilled.

Fiorini SNC divides the machinery made into three types:


Rotary rakes;


Combined rakes;


Pruning rakes.

They are part of these three categories countless models among which, we are sure, you will find the one that is exactly right for you!

Raking, turning, spreading, aerating the hay without damage of any kind, whether in dry or green forage: these are just some of the features of the machines produced by the Fiorini SNC company. Not to forget the extreme flexibility of use and the ease with which they adapt to surfaces of all kinds, whether flat or hilly. Our company takes charge of the entire line of construction of the machines, starting from the raw material; this allows us to guarantee, first of all, a product of the highest quality, but above all to allow a whole series of implementations and modifications that can be realized to put the machinery at the complete service of the customer: the working requirement of each user shapes the characteristics of our tools to achieve a unique product, 100% performing and precisely adapted according to an ad hoc customization.

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